Fed Refrains from Interest Rate Hike, Boosting Crypto Rally

  • Bitcoin led the rally among top cryptos yesterday and breached the $28,000 level.
  • Altcoins have benefitted from this heavily, with L1 tokens and Smart Contract-related coins enjoying a boost in price.
  • The anticipation of the US Federal Reserve not imposing another interest rate hike has driven these five tokens to potentially advance further in the coming days.

Bitcoin Breaches $28K Level

After Bitcoin surged above the $28,000 level yesterday and leading the rally among top cryptos, there has been a shift in sentiment surrounding digital currency market. According to CoinMarketCap, total market valuation of cryptocurrencies rose by 2.17% in past 24 hours, driving investors to grab profits as prices follow Bitcoin (alpha coin). Altcoins have also benefited from this heavily with L1 tokens and Smart Contract related coins seeing a boost in prices due to this rally.

US Federal Reserve Not To Impose Another Interest Rate Hike

With anticipation that US Federal Reserve would not impose another interest rate hike, these five tokens are expected to experience more gains in upcoming days. Don’t miss out on this crypto deal and get 150% Welcome Bonus plus 100 Free Spins on your deposit today!

MASK Network Token

Touted as portal to new internet, Mask network’s native token bearing same name has gained popularity recently. According to CoinGecko data it is up 40% since last 24 hours at current price of $6.21 but it may face resistance at $6.4 though it has strong supply at $3.8 if token ever faces correction. Flipping this resistance level could ensure investors potential higher upside returns while defending support level should be priority for bulls.

Ethereum Classic TokenFantom Platform TokenFed Refrains from Interest Rate Hike, Boosting Crypto Rally

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