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Bitcode Prime Experience
In 2017, cryptocurrency trading experienced an all-time high of around US$20,000. Since that time, bitcoin prices have exploded. This is part of the reason why investors are always looking for ways to increase the profitability of trading cryptos.
This circumstance showed that the level of awareness of trading bots has grown exceptionally high. Bitcode Prime shows promise in this regard.
On its website, one can read real success stories of traders and that too worldwide. Investors can earn huge returns if they sign up.


What is Bitcode Prime?

Bitcode Prime is an automatic trading bot. Here, all investors, whether professionals or beginners, benefit without having to worry about technical analysis. Trading with cryptocurrencies thus offers traders lucrative profits. Normally, investors should have certain knowledge in terms of trading with cryptos in order for the trade to be successful.
Bitcode Prime’s platform uses state-of-the-art trading algorithms. This scans the market for signals to guarantee profitable results. Thus, the software gives everyone access to the trading strategies that have already brought in millions.

Features & Functionality


Who is behind Bitcode Prime?

Who is behind the software and who developed the trading bot could not be found out. However, this is not relevant, because the platform is associated with an ever-growing number of regulated and reputable brokers.
The outstanding cutting-edge technology shows that behind it are experts in computer programming who also have a very good understanding of the financial market.

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Opinions about Bitcode Prime

I always wanted to make money online, but never really had the time. Then one day I discovered Bitcode Prime and from then on my life changed for the better. I haven’t made millions in profit yet, but I still come close to the salary from my full time job with my profits. The time I have to invest is no more than half an hour a day. So in the beginning I could hardly believe that my fortune was increasing. I can only recommend this software to everyone.

Advantages and disadvantages

Free registration. If you sign up with Bitcode Prime, you will not be charged any fees or commissions,
User-friendly platform: The platform is very easy to use. Even beginners can benefit from it.
Huge win rates: As tests have shown, the software actually offers immensely high profits. For example, 88% of all trades were successful.
Immediate payouts: Those who want to withdraw their winnings will have the money in their account within 24 hours. All payouts are made by regulated brokers.
Compatible with mobile browsers: Trades can be tracked and monitored using a mobile phone.

Limited crypto options: Only a few cryptocurrencies can be traded.


With the crypto market, investors have been enabled to make a lot of money by trading coins. There are many people who got a better life by trading cryptos and that is because of the extra income. So that all investors can benefit, these innovative tools have been developed to increase the profits but also reduce the risks at the same time. This is what every investor can expect when they sign up with Bitcode Prime.
The Bitcode Prime trading platform is not only a safe investment, but also effective. The software can be used by professionals as well as beginners. Thus, Bitcode Prime shows itself to be not only profitable, but also a reliable trading robot.
Nevertheless, investors should bear in mind that the market can also produce negative trades and thus change direction. Therefore, the focus should be on the right settings, everything else is done by the bot.

How does Bitcode Prime compare to other bots?

With Bitcode Prime, a platform has emerged with which investors receive profitable trades. The software shows a much better picture than other competitors.
Therefore, Bitcode Prime can be recommended without hesitation.

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